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You may have heard the term many times or not at all… “Bring your bundle with you”… what exactly IS your bundle?

“A bundle is the file of documents that the tribunal will need to look at during the hearing.”

This is your evidence, and used for your case.

Your Solicitors will usually prepare your bundle and go through your bundle with you.

Bundles are factual evidence, concise, to the point, with a contents page, quick reference and appendices. There may be different ways of doing this, but it’s normally in chronological order and naturally case dependant.

A minimum of three copies are usually compiled. One for yourself, one for the other party and one for the Judge. Larger, more complicated and complex case can have many copies of the bundle on request.

You are always given apt time from the courts to prepare your bundle.

It does not have to be a solicitor who produces your bundle, it could quite easily be a friend or a representative, or even yourself if you are representing yourself.

  • Contents
  • Statements
  • Evidence
  • The three main sections.
  • Keep it simple, factual and above all easy to navigate.

Best of Luck.

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