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The move was welcomed by many solicitors who say that these incentives can influence whether or not a person makes a a petty claim by incentivising the claimant, whilst at the same time putting off many legitimate claimants who are sick of an increasing ‘claims culture’ and are wary of such practices claimants lured by incentives can be swayed or tied to a company which may not best represent their needs.

I have always believed that upfront costs in these situations may be deducted from final settlements, but in my experience,  most solicitors steer away from these tactics and offer clear advice and only accept legitimate claims from those who deserve compensation based upon their losses and entitlement.

We accept claims based on their merit and aim to maximise client settlements in a fair and clear way, giving real advice and making sure clients receive what they deserve without trying to pressure them with gimmicks.

I know some firms and companies may struggle moving forward as they’ve built up their businesses with this methodology.

What do you think about the banning of referrals and inducements?

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