The following is a brief outline of the re-mortgage procedure for properties registered at the Land Registry :

  • Obtaining the Title Deeds / Land Registry documents/ Redemption Statement from your current lender
  • Checking the legal Title
  • If Leasehold, making appropriate enquiries with the superior landlord and managing agent, including to ensure there are no arrears of service charges / ground rent, and ascertaining if notices need to be served on the landlord/ managing agent.
  • Carrying out searches/ arranging “no search” indemnity insurance
  • Obtaining the mortgage offer and checking terms etc
  • If title is clear, sending a report (known as a Certificate of Title) to the lender requesting mortgage funds (usually several days before anticipated completion)
  • Completion of the Remortgage; redeeming any current mortgage and accounting to borrower for balance
  • Registration at the Land Registry

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