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Commercial Property; Property & Commercial litigation →
Property & Commercial litigation →

LLB (London)
Solicitor (1997)
Higher Courts Advocate (Civil Courts) (2002)
ADR Group Mediator

Idris Mir has been working in the legal profession since 1994, and has built a strong reputation for delivering sound technical service tailored to clients’ specific needs.

He was appointed to the Law Society Personal Injury panel 2001, and in 2002, gained Higher Rights of audience in the Civil Courts to become one of the first Solicitor Advocates in the district.

He founded Mir Solicitors in 2005, which reflects his personal values and beliefs – practicing the law with a conscience.  He believes in earning a reputation based on merit, and embracing the diverse needs of the community we are part of.  

Idris is recognised by the Law Society of England and Wales for Civil and Commercial Mediation, and was appointed as President of Bradford Law Society (2010-12 for two terms).

Clients include a foreign government, major national companies and PLCs, and thousands of individuals on a wide range of matters – from the European Court of Human Rights to the Court of Appeal in England.

Corporate Social Responsibility is central to his values, and Idris continues in his ongoing commitment to the community, including by mentoring youngsters from deprived communities in the district, and numerous other programs to address inequity in society, whilst retaining perspective about how our profession can truly help others less fortunate.