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I have been a proud member of Mir Solicitors for 9 years.

Currently studying at BPP University.

As an independent individual with a strong mind-set, I acquired a passion for law at an extremely young age. I joined Mir Solicitors in the summer of 2007 following my GCSE’s, and continued practical experience whilst studying my A’ Levels and Law Degree.

Throughout my time with Mir Solicitors, I have shadowed a number of legal professionals which has taught me transferable, interpersonal and knowledge based skills, such as commercial awareness and the procedures that are required to undertake tasks.

I am currently working in the Commercial Property department (whilst studying the Legal Practice Course), delivering sound technical service tailored to clients’ specific needs. I continually provide assistance to the Residential Property, Family and Wills & Probate departments.

I am an individual who flourishes with positivity. This optimistic energy reflects in my successes in every aspect of my professional and private life. This has aided my ability to work independently and within a team.

I am a reliable individual who follows a strict code of ethics (which I have set for myself), being, acting with integrity, the creation of mutual trust with clients, which in turn leads to acting in not only the client’s best interest but also the best interest of the establishment of the business. As an aspiring professional, the code of conduct and ethics that I follow are a true reflection of my character.

My extracurricular involvement include travelling, playing football, training at the office gym, playing snooker and attending charity events.